Free Tennis Lesson Plan | Group of Kids

free tennis lesson plan for teaching kidsLevel: beginning/intermediate
Theme: ground-strokes practice and games play

1. Warm-up (5 minutes)
– Jog around the court, shuffle sideways, butt kicks, high knees etc.
Hop over the line
– Bounce the ball up on the strings; bounce the ball down;

2. Shadow Strokes (3 minutes)
– Players line up at the baseline facing the net; coach in front of them half way between service line and baseline.
The coach executes the proper technique for forehand and backhand, players shadow the motion following the coach; all this with no balls being hit.

3. Tennis Drill (10 minutes)
3 Along the Line (forehands and backhands); emphasis is on good technique.

4. Water Break (1 minute)

5. Games (15 minutes)
Jail Breaker
Team Champion

6. Water Break (1 minute)

7. Games (15 minutes)
Kings and Challengers (with the coach starting the point with a gentle feed to the Challengers side);
Bounce it!

8. Race (4 minutes)
Potato Race

9. Wrap-up (6 minutes)
– Kids pick up balls; give suggestions for practice until the next class.

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