Face 2 Face

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” (Harlan Ellison)

the_best_tennis_advice_small One of the best (tennis) pieces of advice (1 video / 2 minutes)*

winning_in_tennis_without_power_and_speed_wt24 Winning in tennis… without power and speed (1 video / 4 minutes)*

how_i_overcame_my_toughest_opponent_wt24 How I overcame my toughest tennis opponent (1 video / 5 minutes)*

face_to_face_mistake_getting_kids_into_tournaments_too_late My mistake: did not get the kids into tournaments earlier (1 video / 3 minutes)*

 5 Reasons why you miss your shots in tennis (1 video / 6 minutes)       New

 How to stay focused during tennis matches (1 video / 5 minutes)       New

 My doubles partner has a weak serve (1 video / 2 minutes)

 Which player should serve first in doubles (1 video / 3 minutes)


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