Court Coverage in Tennis

court coverage wt24 1A proper positioning and movement on the court allow you to reach your opponent’s shots in the shortest time.
Knowing where to position for the next ball can help you get to it earlier, with less effort and be in better balance to execute your stroke properly.
Retreating to the middle of the baseline after you hit a shot does not mean good court coverage; you must position yourself in the middle of the possible angles which your opponent could return the ball to.
It is very important that you pay attention to this chapter because you’ll learn how to use less energy during matches, get to your opponent’s shots in the shortest time and how to make your opponent more tired by hitting the balls to certain areas of the court.
Knowing good court coverage tactics will make the difference between being tired at the end of the first set and being fresh and in control for the entire match.


COURT COVERAGE for Singles Play


COURT COVERAGE for Doubles Play