Absolute Serve

A player “competes” in a serving game against… an imaginary opponent (he’ll give it a name).
He begins serving from the deuce side. His task is to win a set by doing the following:
– To win a point he’ll have to hit one out of two serves into the proper service box.
BUT: The first serve has to be hard enough so that the ball doesn’t bounce more than 1 time before it hits the back fence. Second serve should be in and not bounce more than 2 times before it reaches the back fence.
(For advanced players or more challenging task, aim the serves to certain spots inside the service box)
If the player hits one out of the two serves in successfully, he is up 15-0. Fail to do so, will result in his imaginary friend getting 15.
Keep serving alternating side to side until a set is either won or lost this way by the player.
Note: This drill/game teaches serve control and consistency and mostly to stay focused during the serve delivery.
serve tennis drill

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