12 Best Tips and Drills to Teach KIDS Tennis

Best drills and tips to teach kids tennis – coaches and parents find these tips and drills very useful to help kids fall in love with tennis.

video tennis drill - how to introduce the volley to beginners

How to Introduce the Volley to Beginners (5:40)

video tennis tips - how to feed and types of balls for teaching

How to Feed / Types of Balls for Kids (2:20)

footwork tennis lesson - first steps to and away from the ball

Footwork: First Step To and Away from Ball (4:50)

video tennis lesson - teaching the unit turn

How to Teach Unit Turn (2:59)

video tennis lesson - how to make a good impression over new students

How to Make a Great First Impression (8:33)

video tennis lesson - importance and reasons for follow-through

Follow-Through when Teaching Kids (1:02)

tennis lesson - how to teach the forehand grips

Easy Ways to Teach the Forehand Grip (2:10)

video tennis drill for kids - potato race

Potato Race – speed, racquet control (2:22)

fun tennis drill for kids - footwork, speed

Five Ball Race – speed, balance (0:45)

fun tennis drill for lateral movement and speed

Caterpillar – lateral movement, fun (1:52)

video serve tennis game for kids - my imaginary friend

My Imaginary Friend – serve, learn the score (5:04)

video tennis drill for kids - ball tracking skills

3-2-1 Bounce – ball tracking skills (2:51)

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